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Advanced Planning

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Simply, advance planning is the process in which you leave a plan of instructions to be followed at the time of death. This plan can be as detailed as you may have it or just include basic instructions.

Advance planning is a three step process the first is the gathering and collecting of personal information and statistics such as date and place of birth, parents names, educational background, and other information to be used to fill out legal forms, permits, and any other required documents. Remember there are some information only you will know.

Second step is to let us help you in creating a guide for your love ones to follow. It may consist of the type of service, the form of disposition i.e. burial, cremation, entombment, scattering or even anatomical donation. You may also include the particular casket, urn , vault, clothing and other details as you may desire.

Third Step is how do you fund your plan. We have many options such a pre need trust account or a insurance policy that you can purchase whereby you can choose to pay in one single payment or spread your payments over a period of time up to 10 years. This plan can be made irrevocable meaning that these funds will be there when your family needs them the most.

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